I’ve spent my career serving people.

As a doctor, I’ve stepped in to help save lives. As a public servant, I’ve stepped up to root out corruption, and to create a 21st century county government that prioritizes public safety, improves public health, and makes sure all St. Louis County residents have an equal opportunity to succeed.

I was the first person in history to serve as Chair of the St. Louis County Council for three consecutive terms, and I led the Council in holding former County Executive Steve Stenger accountable. The bipartisan coalition of councilmembers I assembled helped uncover Stenger’s corruption, leading to his indictment and resignation.

The County deserves to move forward, and I’m the right person to lead the way.

I’ve served the people of our County as a State Representative, a County Councilmember, and now as County Executive. Those roles aren’t jobs. They’re my way of serving the community that has given so much to me and my family.

Until I took a leave of absence to step into the role of County Executive, I was a full-time anesthesiologist at Mercy Hospital, and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care at St. Louis University Medical School. I have served as President of the Missouri Society of Anesthesiologists and the Missouri Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, and I currently serve on the Board of Directors of the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

But my greatest accomplishment is raising my three sons, Logan, Luke, and Jake with my wife, Dr. Jennifer Page. Our boys attended public schools in St. Louis County, and grew up enjoying everything our region has to offer, from cross-country running across the County, to rowing in Creve Coeur Lake Park, to Cub Scout and Boy Scout adventures at Beaumont Scout Reservation.

Guiding Principles


Sam is in public service because he believes in helping people, and adding value to the lives of the people of St. Louis County.


Sam is focused on equitable outcomes and addressing the disparities that hold our region back. He believes that everyone in St. Louis County must have an equal opportunity to succeed. Every child has a right to a high-quality education, and every adult should be able to get a fair-paying job.


Sam believes that everyone working in County government must be held to the highest ethical standards..


Taxpayers like you trust elected leaders to spend your hard-earned tax dollars wisely, and that trust cannot be abused. Being good public servants means spending your tax dollars in the most effective, efficient and fair ways.


Sam is committed to rebuilding the relationships we need to succeed as a region. The County is made up of a patchwork of municipalities and local governments, most of which are responsive, helpful, effective, representative and fair. Sam is committed to working with them, not against them.


Sam is focused on equitable outcomes and addressing the County government employs thousands of people. To provide the best service to residents, and provide the best working environment for County employees, Sam believes that every County employee from Directors to hourly employees must work as a team.


The past six years have tarnished the County’s reputation and driven opportunities away. The next six years have to be different. You deserve a County government that attracts - not repels - investment from people and businesses. Sam is committed to removing every obstacle, bump, and barrier to St. Louis County being people’s first choice to live and work.