Honesty, Accountability
& Transparency

to St. Louis County

A special note to our community about covid-19

This is a historic time.

Our lives are changing dramatically, in an environment that shifts by the day. You may be wondering what comes next, or how you will manage in a new world that’s being created before your eyes.

I want you to know that I’m here, working for you.

Every day I’m talking with local, state and national leaders to push for more resources and to implement the policies we need to keep you safe now and to help you recover after the crisis has passed.

Every day I’m talking with health experts and our medical community to help them get what they need, and to get their expert opinions. We’re lucky to have their support and expertise, and we’re using it.

And every day I’m talking with people like you – business owners, employees, parents, students – whose lives have been upended so quickly and who have so many questions about where we go from here.

We simply cannot get through this challenge without our whole community – including you -- working together.

I’m proud to see our region rising to the enormous challenges we face.

—Dr. Sam Page

Contact Dr. Sam

Sam Page believes in transparency and that elected officials need to be responsive to their constituents. Please use the form below to contact him.


Dr. Page believes that government must be run with integrity, and restoring integrity to your County government is his highest priority.


Sam is committed to open government. You deserve to know how St. Louis County government is working for you.


Dr. Sam has been a watchdog on the County Council. He believes our tax dollars need to be spent improving the lives of St. Louis County residents, not lining the pockets of donors or lobbyists.

I stand for transparency in government. Without it we cannot govern honestly.


Taking a fresh look and asking hard questions.


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