Honesty, Accountability
& Transparency

to St. Louis County

A Message from Sam

On my first day as County Executive, I committed to restoring your trust in St. Louis County government. Every day since, my administration has worked toward that goal. We established stronger ethical standards. We increased transparency and improved accountability in County offices. At every step, we ask what we can do to help you see how your government is working for you. You deserve a trustworthy, accountable, transparent government, and I’m working to make that happen.

You also deserve a government that’s working together. We’ve started rebuilding the bridges between the County Executive’s office and the County Council, municipalities, and community leaders so we can move forward as a team, all looking out for the people of St. Louis County.

Your government should also deliver high-quality services to you and your family. We have lost a lot of time over the past five years. There is much work to do in St. Louis County, and we’ve begun tackling the biggest challenges our region faces. From improving public safety, to bringing in new jobs, to addressing long-standing disparities, we are doing the work that’s been left for too long.

— Sam

Contact Sam

Sam Page believes in transparency and that elected officials need to be responsive to their constituents. Please use the form below to contact Sam Page.


Sam believes that government must be run with integrity, and restoring integrity to your County government is his highest priority.


Sam is committed to open government. You deserve to know how St. Louis County government is working for you.


Sam has been a watchdog on the County Council. He believes our tax dollars need to be spent improving the lives of St. Louis County residents, not lining the pockets of donors or lobbyists.

I stand for transparency in government. Without it we cannot govern honestly.


Taking a fresh look and asking hard questions.


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