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Professional Firefighters of Eastern Missouri IAFF Local 2665

IAFF Local 2665 Endorses Dr. Sam Page for County Executive

Voters of St. Louis County Missouri,

As a truly bi-partisan organization, the International Association of Fire Fighters takes very seriously our commitment to the citizens we protect and to our membership to individually evaluate every candidate. We make our endorsements based not only on a candidate’s alignment with our core issues, but also on their ability to be an effective legislator once the election is over.

In the St. Louis County Executive Democratic Primary, the Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri – IAFF Local 2665 are proud to support incumbent Dr. Sam Page for County Executive.

As we face down the public health threat that comes with a looming pandemic, St. Louis County’s Fire Fighters and Paramedics need a County Executive that intimately understands the nuances of such a dynamic and challenging environment. Dr. Sam Page chose to place his medical practice on hold to serve the citizens of St. Louis County. His sacrifices, knowledge, and leadership could not be more appreciated and more welcomed as we collective prepare our community for the challenges that lie ahead.

Day in and day out, St. Louis County’s Fire Fighters and Paramedics place themselves in harm’s way in an effort to mitigate emergencies that in many cases represent the very worst day in the life of the person overwhelmed by that circumstance. St. Louis County’s first responders need a County Executive they can count on, and Dr. Sam Page is that Executive!

It is commonly said that all politics are local. Nowhere is that truer than in the delivery of emergency services. From the fire truck or ambulance that responds to your calls for help, to the emergency personnel who are the first on the scene, every aspect of our ability to assist you in your time of need is a product of local government. As County Executive Dr. Page has proven his commitment to St. Louis County and its first responders. Sam’s familiarity with our community’s needs and values will be crucial in ensuring that your Fire Fighters and Paramedics have the tools we need to protect your community.

On behalf of the Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri with more than 2,400 local area fire fighters, paramedics and 911 dispatchers we are proud to enthusiastically support Dr. Sam Page and hope you will join us re-elect him as County Executive of St. Louis County Missouri!

Very Sincerely,

Dennis J. Murray
President – IAFF Local 2665

P.O. Box 410091
Saint Louis, MO 63141
Paid for by Page for Missouri, Sue Felling, Treasurer

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