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POST-DISPATCH: Whose way? Page wants to rename road to former football team’s practice facility in Earth City

Whose way? Page wants to rename road to former football team’s practice facility in Earth City

By Jeremy Kohler St. Louis Post-Dispatch October 23, 2019

ST. LOUIS COUNTY — Nearly four years have passed since an NFL team filed for relocation to move from St. Louis, and the region has nearly scrubbed itself clean of the team’s logo and image.

But the county road leading to the team’s former practice facility in Earth City still retains the old team’s name, even as the new XFL BattleHawks use it to prepare for their season.

But probably not for much longer.

St. Louis County Executive Sam Page announced Wednesday he would be asking the County Council to pass legislation changing the street name to Athletic Way.

“Now that the (football team) have gone away, it’s time for (a new name),” Page said in a statement.

Before the council named the facility after the NFL team in 1996, it had been known as Innerpark Drive.

“Although I had my own ideas for what the street should be called, on the advice of counsel and in the spirit of optimism, Athletic Way seems to be a more fitting name for the street,” Page added. The former practice facility is owned by the Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority and also is used for soccer and lacrosse teams.

Page said preliminary numbers indicated more people drive down the street than attend the NFL team’s games in Los Angeles.

“But I’d want to verify that before making an official statement,” he said.

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