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Missouri College of Emergency Physicians

As Emergency Medicine Physicians, we appreciate Sam Page’s leadership for St. Louis county.  His balanced and pragmatic approach to achieve what is best for the county’s citizens deserves our endorsement.  His leadership has not only helped the county, but through his collaboration with neighboring communities, he has helped the region move together in the right direction.  His efforts reached even further by leading the state of Missouri in the development and implementation of a Prescription Drug Program. 

Sam's response to COVID-19 has been extraordinary. He has been able to strike the right balance between doctors, nurses and citizens during the worst public health threat in over 100 years. As Emergency Physicians, we are on the front lines every day of this public health pandemic, and our jobs would be much more difficult and the health status of St. Louis countians would be at greater risk without Sam’s as our County Executive. We hope the citizens of St. Louis County will choose him to continue to lead us through the pandemic and to greater health and economic prosperity. 

~Missouri College of Emergency Physicians

P.O. Box 410091
Saint Louis, MO 63141
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