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KTVI: COVID vaccines added to St. Louis County’s back-to-school immunization program starting today

COVID vaccines added to St. Louis County’s back-to-school immunization program starting today

Chris Regnier, 

ST. LOUIS– The St. Louis County Health Department is kicking off its back-to-school immunization program today and this year COVID-19 vaccines are part of it.

St. Louis County Executive Dr. Sam Page laid out the immunization program with the COVID vaccination element at a news conference this morning at the health department headquarters in Berkeley.

Page saying that many children in our area will be returning to the classroom next month and we need to do all we can now to prepare them.

In addition to normal back-to-school immunizations, the St. Louis County Health Department is also making COVID vaccines available free of charge starting today at any of the three county health clinics.

The free COVID shots are available for any student 12 years and older.

Parents and guardians can also get the shot for free.

The immunization and vaccine program will run Monday through Friday from 8 am until 4 pm through September 17th.

This isn’t the only COVID vaccine push beginning today.

County officials are also starting a program that Page spoke about last week called Sleeves Up STL.

This effort encourages beauty salon and barbershop owners in north county to talk with their clients about getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

Starting today, the St. Louis County Health Department will begin recruiting more than 50 beauty salons and barbershops in the north county area to help spread the word that vaccines are safe, effective, and free.

“We must pull out all the stops to get as many people vaccinated as possible — as quickly as possible. We are doing all we can to eliminate barriers and will use as many resources as necessary to get our residents vaccinated so everyone can move safely throughout the community,” said Page about starting more initiatives to try and increase COID vaccinations.

Page also responded to questions about whether we could see a return to restrictions with COVID cases once again rising.

Page says he is focused on getting people vaccinated so we don’t have to return to restrictions and that no additional health orders are on the table right now.

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