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KPLR: St. Louis County Executive says no county tax money for the Delmar Loop Trolley

St. Louis County Executive says no county tax money for the Delmar Loop Trolley


CLAYTON, MO - Investigator Elliott Davis sat down with St. Louis County Executive Sam Page this week to talk about the fate of the Delmar Loop Trolley.

Elliott Davis talked to him before Friday’s decision by a committee of the Bi-State Board of Commissioners to scrap a rescue plan proposed by Bi-States President and CEO Taulby Roach.

Page was one of the supporters of saving the trolley early on but as the public uproar over pouring more money into the trolley rolled in along with criticism from the County Council, Page's position hardened too.

At the 11th hour Page criticized Taulby Roache's plan for Bi-State to take over the trolley and the operating cost of about $1.8 million dollars a year for the next four years.

The money was coming from the Delmar Loop Trolley taxing district as well as a million dollars in unspent federal dollars.

Roach went back to the drawing board coming up with a plan to manage the trolley for 4 years.

That plan was rejected by the commissioners on Friday.

So now the trolley’s that's just sitting idle.

Sam Page says he won't support any plan that involves spending St Louis County taxpayer dollars.

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