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KMOV: St. Louis County's first mass vaccine event in Queeny Park 'running fantastic'

St. Louis County's first mass vaccine event in Queeny Park 'running fantastic'

KMOV Staff, March 27, 2021

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. ( -- St. Louis County saw its first mass vaccination event, with thousands of people eager to get their COVID-19 vaccine shot.

Additional mass vaccination events announced for St. Louis area

Several mass vaccine events are and will be scheduled in the St. Louis area.

People at Queeny Park in Ballwin told News 4 crews they were in and out within 30 minutes at Friday's vaccine event - that's including a 15 minute monitoring period.

"Actually I had registered in a bunch of places and it looked like it was going to take a little bit longer. A pleasant surprise came in the email. So yes, it was a very pleasant surprise to me," Pavel Ilyashov said. He got his shot on Friday. "It's absolutely a priority and it's been a priority for a long time and I'm very blessed we have this."

Sara Dayley with the St. Louis County Health Department said the county is finally getting more vaccine doses to get into people's arms. This is the first time we've seen multiple mass vaccination sites around the St. Louis region.

"I think our planning and the way things have been laid out here has been running fantastic," Dayley said. "It's so great to hear people be so positive about how the system is running."

She said she expect 2,300 people to get vaccinated Saturday. The Missouri National Guard is running the vaccination sites with the county. The event, at Queeny Park in Ballwin will run from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

St. Louis County Health Director Dr. Faisal Khan said about 2,200 people will get the Pfizer vaccine each day. People who are eligible and pre-registered and were selected to attend the event, would have gotten a notification from the St. Louis County Health Department.

“It will take some time obviously as you can imagine to set up the vaccine site for crowd control, traffic control, registration, data entry,” said Dr. Khan.

The health department is aiming to have each person in and out of the vaccine site in about 35 minutes. Major Matt Clayton with the Missouri National Guard said the goal is to have a flow of about 200 cars in the parking lot throughout the day.

Drivers will enter on Weidman Road and make a left into the first parking lot. They’ll line up in one of three rows and will be filtered into a lot west of the ice rink. People will walk into the ice rink to get their vaccine and wait about 15 minutes during the observation period. Then, they’ll exit on the west side of the building and drive back out onto Weidman Road.

Major Clayton said the guard will work to ensure traffic is moving efficiently, however he suggest people not attending the event to avoid the area if possible.

“We’re always in a constant learning mode and we usually figure out little tweaks throughout the day as required, keep updating our plan,” Clayton said.

The National Guard said there will be signs and soldiers pointing people in the right direction. They ask that people with appointments to not show up too early, only a few minutes before their appointment to avoid traffic congestion.

Note: A previous version of this story said this event will have the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, however health department officials said Thursday that had changed, and it will be Pfizer.

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