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KMOV: New St. Louis County Executive asking State Auditor to come in

Justin Andrews  Updated May 7, 2019 | Posted on May 7, 2019

ST. LOUIS COUNTY ( -- New County Executive Sam Page is asking for help from the state to fix the damage to St Louis County government.

The letter from Page is addressed to the county council, wanting it to pass a resolution to have State Auditor Nicole Galloway come in.

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Page says the request is to measure just how big the loss is from former County Executive Steve Stenger, who was indicted on pay-to-play charges.

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Page wants the auditor to look at county government, the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership and other development agencies.

“My predecessor’s administration awarded some contracts improperly and, as a result, wasted precious taxpayer dollars,” Page wrote in the letter.

Page says Galloway will help the council understand the magnitude of the loss, restore confidence in county government and help them undo the harm that was done.

“I am committed to transparency in government and this audit would send a strong message that we do not tolerate pay-to play politics,” wrote Page

Page's letter is expected to be read and discussed at Tuesday night’s council meeting.

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