Here are just some of the people and organizations who know he’s the right person for the job.

St. Louis Building Trades


Ferguson Township Democratic Club

Hadley Township Democratic Club

Normandy Township Democratic Club

Norwood Township Democratic Club

Messages from your neighbors

“At a time of unprecedented uncertainty, I’m glad to have the leadership of Sam Page as County Executive. Dr. Page is the progressive voice that St Louis County deserves. He has my vote in August. And I hope he has earned yours too.” - Brian Wingbermuehle, Fenton
“During these challenging times, it is comforting to have a leader that makes the necessary decisions to keep us safe. Dr. Page understands the public health issues surrounding the pandemic. He has my vote.” - Shira Krause, RN, St. Louis County resident
“The general public requires regional leaders to communicate effectively, display empathy, develop strategies across geographies, be innovative, remain transparent, and to respond to the needs of constituents. This is true all of the time, but particularly true during a public health crisis. Dr. Sam Page’s leadership throughout has been all of this and more. I look forward to voting for him in August.” - Jessica Estes, MSW