Dr. Sam Page is proud to be supported and endorsed by organizations and people across 
St. Louis County. 

Here are just some of the people who know he's the right person for the job

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Charlie Dooley
Tishaura Jones
Francis Slay
Lisa Clancy
Kelli Dunaway
Scott Sifton
Jamilah Nasheed
LaDonna Appelbaum
Ian Mackey
Sarah Unsicker
Doug Beck
St. Louis Building and Construction Trades Council
Missouri/Kansas Sate Council
Betty Thompson
Operating Engineers - Local 513
Ironworkers Local 396
Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers - Local 1
Gas Workers Local 11-6
Plasters's And Cement Masons'
Cement Masons Local 527
Local 6 Stagehands
Sprinkler Fitters Local 268
Missouri Progressive Action Group
3.14 Action Fund
Missouri College of Emergency Physicians
Elevator Constructors - Local 3
St. Louis Union Roofing Local 2


  • Airport Township Democratic Club
  • Clayton Township Democratic Club
  • Florissant Township Open Democratic Club
  • Hadley Township Democratic Club
  • Lewis and Clark Township Democratic Club
  • Missouri River Township Democratic Club
  • Normandy Township Regular Democratic Club
  • Northwest Township Democratic Club


"At a time of unprecedented uncertainty, I’m glad to have the leadership of Sam Page as County Executive. 

Dr. Page is the progressive voice that St Louis County deserves. He has my vote in August. And I hope he has earned yours too."
~Brian Wingbermuehle, Fenton
"During these challenging times, it is comforting to have a leader that makes the necessary decisions to keep us safe.  Dr. Page understands the public health issues surrounding the pandemic.  He has my vote."
~Shira Krause, RN, St. Louis County resident
"The general public requires regional leaders to communicate effectively, display empathy, develop strategies across geographies, be innovative, remain transparent, and to respond to the needs of constituents. This is true all of the time, but particularly true during a public health crisis. Dr. Sam Page's leadership throughout has been all of this and more. I look forward to voting for him in August."
~Jessica Estes, MSW
"I am supporting Dr. Sam Page for County Executive because I appreciate the manner in which he led the county through two crises. When he took the chair after Stenger was charged with corruption, Page proceeded in a calm, methodical manner. He looked at all of the issues before him. He reached out to both sides. He listened. He deliberated. He took action. One year later, when we were faced with a pandemic, Page again lead the way with his no-nonsense, studied approach. An approach that I believe is saving lives. He is restoring my faith in St. Louis County's government and I want his leadership to continue raising us up."
~Diane Kasten, Democratic Committeewoman, Lemay Township
"I appreciate Dr. Page's medical background and leadership. The Coronavirus response in St. Louis County has been medically based and appropriate. Maintaining social distancing practices will continue to be important as St. Louis County thinks about how to best re-open."
~Dr. Phil Brick, St. Louis County resident
"I am very pleased with the leadership that Dr. Page brings to St. Louis county. 

His understanding of science and medicine are extremely important at a crucial time in our history and he is guiding us along a safe path to reopening our economy in a sensible manner."
~Leslie Sabol, County Resident
P.O. Box 410091
Saint Louis, MO 63141
Paid for by Page for Missouri, Sue Felling, Treasurer

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