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Dr. Page: Why the Lessons of Passover and Easter are Especially Poignant Right Now

One year ago, I spoke with faith leaders to hear how we could help them during what we knew would be a very trying time for their faith communities. They reminded me that the lessons of Passover and Easter were especially poignant at that moment. They continue to be.

We isolate in our homes waiting for the specter of death to pass us by. And we grieve because we know that we cannot protect everyone.

There is pain, sacrifice, and uncertainty. We wait, and learn to sit with our grief and worry. We retain faith that the darkness will end eventually. It is always longer than we are ready for it to be.

And then, the long night passes. Or the tomb is found empty. Eventually, every period of darkness lifts, so long as we believe in something greater.

We are given a new beginning, full of promise and renewal. We emerge changed. The uncertainty surrounding us brims with hope, not fear. It is a future for our children and our families and of good news that begs to be shared.

We are entering that new beginning, after a year of darkness, worry, and sacrifice.

I am grateful for how you have demonstrated your heart for our community, and have sacrificed so much to keep your community safe. We are still waiting and sheltering in place.

But this, too, is temporary. The light shines before us.

We will emerge from this forever changed. I have faith that we will be remade into something more than we were before.

I hope you do, too.

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