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County Executive Weekly Report, January 28, 2020

County Executive Report for January 28, 2020

To help you feel more connected to and involved with your County government, each week I'll be sharing with you the report that I present at the County Council meetings. You are welcome to attend County Council meetings; they are open to the public and feature time for public comment. 

Below is the County Executive Report I delivered during the January 28, 2020 County Council meeting.

Thank you, Lisa, and good evening everyone –

On Monday, the St. Louis Holocaust Museum announced a major expansion of its facility, a great way to commemorate its 25th year in St. Louis County.

I was honored to be at the ceremony announcing the $18 million expansion of the Museum, and it was great to see members of the County Council there. It was a touching ceremony as six Holocaust survivors lit candles to remember the 6 million Jewish people who died in the atrocities.

This important project addresses the fundamental issue of every generation – that of human rights and how we treat each other. Learning to embrace differences and live together harmoniously is as important today as ever. We have a civic responsibility to pass on this critical experience to the next generation so there is no repeat.

The Museum is a beacon of hope and we are fortunate to have it in St. Louis.

Earlier today, I visited Ritenour High School, where I announced a new program to train young people for a career as Emergency Medical Technicians through Abbott EMS.

The accelerated apprenticeship program offers an earn-as-you-learn opportunity for those interested in becoming EMTs.

College is not the obvious path for all students after high school. This new program provides high school students with hands-on learning to begin their career immediately following graduation. We need to ensure all our students feel prepared for their adult lives and professional careers, whichever path they take.

Workforce development opportunities in St. Louis County are crucial to preparing all our young people for the future. I appreciate the efforts of Abbott and Ritenour in making this new program possible.

Before the council is legislation that would ban domestic abusers from carrying concealed firearms. Just last week, there was a homicide in Fenton by a man whose wife had an order of protection against him.
This is common sense legislation. We must do what we can to reduce crime. One thing that we believe we can do under state law is ban abusers from carrying concealed firearms to protect survivors of relationship violence.

The new County legislation would bring local ordinances in line with federal law. I hope after a Committee of a Whole on this important issue, we can have legislation on the books to show we are doing all we can to help stem this violence.

That’s all for now. Thanks, Lisa.

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Saint Louis, MO 63141
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